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This page is intended to index family lineage information and link to your homepage for added details if available. 

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Contact: Susan Biddulph
Location: Atlanta GA, USA
Line: Susan Biddulph / William Biddulph (of North Olmsted Ohio, d.1954) / Franklin Biddulph (m. Nettie Biddulph).
Brief: , Sister Diane Biddulph, Brother David Biddulph (passed). I am just beginning the search for relatives and their stories about Biddulph.

Contact: Liz Burdick
Location: Lakewood, CO, USA
Line: Liz (Tillman) Burdick / Florence Whitbeck / Ray Whitbeck / Avelyn Hughes / Samuel "Marvin" Hughes / Patty (Chaddock) Hughes / Thomas Chaddock / Joseph Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock.
Also Documented: Alvin, Azel, Betsy, Bowman, Calvin, Dennis, Elizabeth, Emery, Harriett, John, Larry Shaddock, Lidea, Luther or Luther Shaddock, Mary, Percis, Rudy Shaddock, Sally, Sewell, Sylvester, Willard, Zerviah
Link: [Joseph, Thomas, & Patty Chaddock] [Descendants of Joseph Chaddock] 
Brief: Have material and ideas to share.

Contact: Antony Robin Chaddock 
Location: Wigan, Greater Manchester, England, UK
Lineage: I have a grandmother named Marjorie Chaddock who lives in Warrington, but her maiden name was Molenyeux, was born in St. Helens in the 1940's my dad Robin Chaddock was born in Wallasey, Merseyside in 1954, he married Janet Fowler in 1976, has two children Louise Janet Chaddock, born Billinge, Wigan 1977, Antony Robin Chaddock also born Billinge, Wigan in 1975.
Brief: Would like to search my family tree and find out if I have any long lost relatives I don't know about, thought it would be an interesting subject to cover.  Could you try and help search my family tree? Many thanks.
Email: [bouncing]

Contact: Bill Chaddock 
Location: Porterville, CA, USA
Lineage: Bill (self) Chaddock (b.1948) / Willie Chaddock (b.1903) / Alfonzo Chaddock (b.1880) / Alonzo Chaddock (b.8/6/1842, Dayton, OH) / William Noah (Also known as Noah) Chaddock (b. 9/1/1809, NY)

Contact: Craig R Chaddock
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
Line: Craig Chaddock / Robert Chaddock / Robert "Franklin" Chaddock / Charles Edward Chaddock / Robert Henry Chaddock / Luke Chaddock / Bowman Chaddock / Joseph Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock.
Also Documented: Abbie, Achsah, Angelina, Asa, Betsey, Calvin, David, Debra "Debbie", Eliza, Elsa, Emma, Herbert Austin Chaddock, James, John, Lucy, Melinda, Miltiah, Nancy, Persis Elisa Chaddock, Sussex, Theadate
Links: [Herbert Chaddock's: Some Chaddock Family History] [Supplement to Herbert Chaddock's...]
Brief: [] is dedicated to the work of Herbert B Chaddock.

Contact: David Scott Chaddock
Location: Rohnert Park, Sonoma, CA, USA
Line: David Scott Chaddock / David Aurther Chaddock / Daniel D. Chaddock.
Family Dates: (Self) b. CA 10/01/57, (Wife) Patricia J. Chaddock b. IN 05/11/60, (Son) Jeremy Scott Chaddock b. CA 12/03/81, (Daughter) Kristen A. Chaddock b. CA 09/29/85, (Sister) DaNell Renee Chaddock b. CA 01/02/66
Brief: My Grandfather has 11 Children, 2 died as babies. Joseph, Elmer, Dorine, Frank, Daniel, David, Victor, Kohn, Diane, Gracy, Suzette.

Contact: Don Chaddock
Location: Auburn, CA, USA
Line: Don (me), Danny Carl Chaddock (b. 1947), James Carl Chaddock (1916-1993); Alfonzo "Allie" F. Chaddock (1880-1955, born in KY); Alonzo Chaddock (b. 1842, Ohio); William Noah Chaddock (b. Sept. 1, 1809, NY).

Contact: Donald Chaddock 
Location: Moore, OK, USA
Line: Donald Chaddock (b. May 1952), Guy H. Chaddock (b. Dec 12, 1926), Earle Chaddock (b. Aug 8, 1903, d. Jan 5, 1981), Hugh L. Chaddock (b. Dec 1873, d. 1910), Luther Chaddock (b. Jun 1830, d.?)
Brief: Luther was born in NY or Mass. Married in Neb 1876. Hugh was born in Milford Neb. Earle was born in Milford Neb. Guy was born in San Diego Ca. Donald was born in Sacramento, Ca.

Contact: Douglas Brock Chaddock 
Location: Sudbury, Ontario, CAN
Lineage: Douglas / William Chaddock / Charles (Chuck) Chaddock / James Chaddock. (Charles was my grandfather). 
Brief: Great grandfather was James Chaddock who landed in Halifax in 1850. He had a brother Philip but have no info on him.  James & Mary Ann Pease had 6 children: Charles (Chuck), Hiratio, Miriam, Selina and Rita. Like to find out if the Chaddocks who came over in 1850 are related to the ones who came over in 1910 (landed in the States) hence the question of Philip's life.
Email: [bouncing]

Contact: Elizabeth Pauline Chaddock
Location: Toronto, Ontario, CAN
Line: Liz Chaddock & Carol Chaddock & Elaine Willard / Laurence Angus Chaddock (m. Irene Haliki) / William Chaddock (m. Elizabeth)
Links: - [offline]
Brief: Related to Chaddock's in Halifax and Montreal/Quebec.
Email: [bouncing]

Name: Linda Ann Chaddock
Location: High Desert, CA, USA
Lineage: Carol Anne Goad - your Uncle Bud, grandfather, my father Luvern were all brothers they also had a brother Willie and two sisters Della Alford and Stella I would like to know how your parents are. I played often with Ben and Art. I tried to e-mail them but it was returned please e-mail me. Love to hear from you!
Email: [bouncing]

Contact: Malcolm Joseph Chaddock
Location: Fresno, CA, USA
Line: Malcolm Chaddock / Albert Baird Chaddock / Albert Emory Chaddock / Emory LeRoy Chaddock / Gilbert Emory Chaddock / Azel Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock / Joseph Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock.
Link: [Chaddock & Company Letterhead, circa 1932]
Email: [bouncing]

Contact: Mathew Allen Chaddock 
Location: Ft. Carson, CO, USA
Line: Matthew Chaddock / Joseph Chaddock / Clyde Grant Chaddock / Robert Chaddock
Brief: Looked up family name, would like to find out family tree.
Email: Unknown

Contact: Mary M Chaddock 
Location: Abilene, TX, USA
Line: Mary Chaddock / Kyle Afton Chaddock / Temple Henry Chaddock / Millard Fillmore Chaddock / Noah Chaddock
Link:  -[offline]
Brief: Lots of great stuff - history, photos, SSN and legal documents, plus an ASCII tree that has organized all the Chaddock family data found so far on the internet!

Contact: Melissa Anne Chaddock
Location: Beverly Shores, IN, USA
Line: My grandfather is Robert Franklin Chaddock from Omaha, Neb. He was married to Jeanette Emathilde Chaddock.
Email: Unknown

Contact: Nicole Lynn Chaddock 
Location: DeLand FL, USA
Lineage: I'm not really sure.....

Contact: Paul Chaddock 
Location: LeMoyne (near Montreal), Quebec, CAN
Line: Paul Chaddock / William Chaddock / Harold James George Chaddock / Angus Enos Angus Chaddock / James Chaddock
Brief: mother: Eleonore Dauphin, brother: Marc (d. 1991). Debby Cascoigne has done a great job with our family tree !  If you have any info (upward or downwards from James), please let her know ! Thanks !
Email: [bouncing]

Contact: Robert Chaddock 
Location: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, UK
Line: Robert Chaddock / Christopher Chaddock / Walter Chaddock  / Christopher Chaddock / Theophilus Chaddock / John Chaddock / John Chaddock / John Chaddock / William Chaddock.
Links: [Congleton, Cheshire UK Branch of the Chaddocks]  [Townships in the UK]
Brief: Look on the map to see how close he is to the origins of the name!
Email: request email from webmaster

Contact: Sheila Dawn Chaddock-Archibald 
Line: Sheila /  Luvern Aurthur Chaddock & Virginia Gaugh / Arthur Chaddock (Emmetdburg, Palo Alto Co., IA) & Verna Long / Willard Chaddock & Sarah Tregonning.
Brief: There has been some research done but I have nothing substantial beyond Willard and Sarah. I would like to know who Willard Chaddock's parents were and possibly even further back. I would like to know when this line of Chaddock's came to the US. In addition Linda Ann Chaddock is my sister and Luverne Arthur Chaddock Jr is my brother.

Contact: William Chaddock 
Location: Chadds Ford, PA, USA
Lineage: Lineage: William Chaddock / Herbert Chaddock / John Robert Chaddock / Josephus Chaddock / John Chaddock / Charles Chaddock.
Charles Chaddock was born 7 June 1784  in or near Baltimore, Md. He married Mary Harris 26 June 1806 in the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Baltimore. They moved to southwestern Pennsylvania about 1808 and then to what is now Wheeling, Ohio County, WV  about 1821.  They had eight children:  Sarah, Elizabeth, John, Rebecca, Margaret Drusilla, George, Lorenzo and Richard.
Links: [Charles Chaddock]
Brief: Seeking information that would tie Charles to Thomas and Sarah or other ancestral information on this line.

Contact: Mr G. Chadwick
Location: England, UK
Lineage: Thomas Chaddock born approx 1750 married Sarah Hatton. Children: Mary, John, Joseph, Richard, Soloman, Betty, Thomas and Margaret.
Brief: Researching Chaddocks prior to 1800 and Chadwicks 1700-1900 of Wigan, Lancashire, England. Web site includes baptism, marriage and burial records (also census returns for Chadwicks).
Email: see above website for contact address

Contact: Cheryl Dahlin
Location: Foster City, CA, USA
Brief: In 1674 Mary Chadwick was born in Va. to a John Chadwick and Eliziabeth Scholfield (or Light). She married Charles Wolverton.  I'm looking for information on John Chadwick. He may have been born in England or went to an island first before coming to America. He died 1695, possibly in New Jersey.

Contact: Grace Michelle Dobson 
Location: Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, CAN
Line: Bernard J. Chaddock / Frank E. Chaddock / William Chaddock / James Chaddock / John Chaddock

Name: Emilie Jane Chaddock Egan
Location: Edwards, CO, USA
Lineage: Emilie Chaddock Egan / Richard Eastman Chaddock / Clarence William Chaddock / Richard Paul Chaddock
Brief: looking for Chaddocks prior to Richard Paul - location would be Michigan or Illinois

Contact: Debra French 
Location: Montreal, Quebec, CAN
Line: Debra / Gerald French (b. May 13, 1910 d.Nov.2002) / Emma Chaddock / Robert Henry Chaddock / Luke Chaddock / Bowman Chaddock / Joseph Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock.

Contact: Jeanette Getz 
Location: Portage, MI, USA
Line: Grandmother Stella Chaddock / Ralston Chaddock / Rule Chaddock / Arulius Chaddock / William Chaddock
Brief: Looking for information on his father Rule Chaddock born November 30, 1867 in MI or NY and his father Arulius Chaddock born April 9, 1838 in Clarence Erie Co, NY.  Also looking for William Chaddock.

Contact: Carol Anne Goad
Location: Diamond/Joplin MI, USA
Line: Wilmer Chaddock
Brief: My Grandfather was Wilmer Chaddock married to Helen Chaddock.  I believe They moved from Minnesota
They had ten children... Ben , Arthur, Kim, Wayne, Mike, Ronnie, Renee, Sharon,?, ?
I would like to know more.  I know my grandfather had a brother from California we called Uncle Bud.
Email: [bouncing]

Contact: Ethel Margaret Sanderson Hegeman 
Location: Bettedorf, Iowa, USA
Line: Ethel Sanderson / Melvin Sanderson / Elmer Sanderson / Philinda Chaddock Sanderson / Luther Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock / Joseph Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock.
Link: [Additional Thomas Chaddock Info]

Contact: David Hamilton Jones   
Location: Berkshire, UK
Line: Mother - Joan Thorpe Chaddock Liverpool UK b1920. Her ancesors came to Liverpool in the 1850's from Portland - Dorset. . Grandfather- Thomas Arnold Chaddock, 1891-1955. Gt Grandfather - Robert Chaddock,1859-1914. Gt Gt Grandfather - Robert Chaddock 1820-1890. It was Capt. Robert Chaddock who arrived in Liverpool and established a small shipping company with a small fleet of sailing ships. Seafaring had been in the family for several generations before Robert and a family legend is that the Chaddocks from Portland had been descendants of Pirates/Privateers.
Brief: Gt Uncle  Capt. George Chaddock FRGS inventor and explorer, brother to Grandfather to Robert Chaddock emigrated to US in late 1910's early 1920's. He re-married in USA and had a daughter by that wife. Anybody heard of him? or other L'pool Chaddocks? please E-mail.

Contact: Doris Lee
Location: Sebastopol, CA, USA
Line: Nellie Gay Chaddock was my Grandmother on my mothers side.
Brief: Nellie Gay was born April 24, 1889. Married John Fickisen 15 years later. They lived in Wood County W. Va. Nellie was born in Parkersburg, W. VA. Mother's name was Elizabeth?

Contact: Joyce Simons March
Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
Line: Marvin Hughes / Jehiel Hughes / Jehiel Hughes / Samuel Hughes & Patty Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock / Joseph Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock. (Sometimes ref: Chadwick?)
Brief: I have only that Persis Chaddock was Persis Smith, daughter of Abraham Smith and Zerviah Howe. Can anyone help me on this?

Contact: Peggy May
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Lineage: William Henry Chaddock, married Octavia Mason Moss on July 11, 1872.  He died in Caldwell County, Missouri.  Their daughter Nellie Moss Chaddock, b. December 18, 1882, is my grandmother.
Email: [bouncing]

Contact: Gary L Melvin
Location: Martinsburg, WV USA
Line: Gary Melvin /.../ Levina Chaddock / Joseph Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock.
Brief: Levina Chaddock m. Asa Briggs, who served with Thomas Chaddock under Capt. Crawford in the American Revolution.

Contact: Loren P Meissner 
Location: San Jose, CA USA
Line: Willard Scott Chaddock (b.1855, d.1932) / Ira G. Chaddock (b.1814, d.1869) / Willard Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock / Joseph Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock.
Brief: Ira married Cordelia Andrus who was a sister of my gg-grandmother. So a lot of his descendants are my 4th cousins. I have compiled a lot of new data, mostly about Ira's son Willard Scott Chaddock.
Email Address:  

Contact: Melinda Chaddock McMath 

Contact:  Melinda Chaddock McMath
Location: Oberarnbach, Germany (near Kaiserslautern)
Line: Melinda Chaddock / Dean Chaddock (Swan) / Annette (Chaddock) Swan / Lyman Chaddock / Dexter Chaddock / Luke Chaddock / Bowman Chaddock / Joseph Chaddock / Thomas Chaddock.
Brief:       Have just learned, and verified, that  my Great-grandfather, Lyman Chaddock, was apparently married to a lady named Helen Ballard Chaddock before he married my Great-grandmother, Clara, and that 2 boys were born from this first union.  Their names were Fred and Welcome Douglas.  My father must have been unaware that he had these 2 Uncles, because he never mentioned them, although Heaven knows he mentioned every other relation on any and all occasions.  My informant is a lady in South Dakota, where at least Fred lived with my Great-great grandmother and her second husband,  Carlos Blodgett, for some of his growing up years.  The lady also said that she believes these boys moved to California when they were adults.  If any Chaddock or Chaddock descendant is from the line of Fred or Welcome Douglas /Lyman Chaddock and Helen Ballard, I would  certainly love to hear from you.  All I have in evidence is a brief listing in the 1880 Minnesota Census to prove that Fred and Welcome Douglas, as well as their Mother, existed prior to Lyman's remarriage which produced 3 more children named Annette, Naida, and Sid.

Contact: Amanda Kristeen Chaddock Navarro  
Location: DeLand, FL, USA
Lineage: My mother was a Chaddock. Her father was William Clarence Chaddock.

Contact: Dale Alan Page
Location: Canton, OH, USA
Line: Dale Page / Lawrence and Mary (Poland) Page / Francis and Faye (Tipton) Page / William S. and Tabitha (Edie) Tipton / William R. and Mary (Chaddock) Tipton / Joseph and Mahala (Jenkins) Chaddock
Email: [bouncing]

Contact: Sue Pemberton 
Location: Congleton, Cheshire, UK
Line: Sue Pemberton / Arthur Pemberton & Hilda Chaddock / Walter Chaddock  / Christopher Chaddock / Theophilus Chaddock / John Chaddock / John Chaddock / John Chaddock / William Chaddock.
Brief: Sue is a cousin of Rob Chaddock.  She has a very nice website graphically showing their line.
Email: request email from webmaster

Contact: David T. Pitts  
Location: Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Brief: Looking for Olive Ellen Chaddock B. 2 Dec 1874 married to Bert/Birt Chaddock Aug 1871 - 15 July 1935. Child-Faerie Fay, Mary, Daniel 10 April 1897, John W.1904, Harry Robert 1910 - 30 July 1973 Barberton, Ohio. I also have a picture. On the back is written; Betty Jean, Chaddock age 6, 1937. Please contact with info.

Name: Cedric Lansdell (a.k.a. Dell) Purdie
Location: Rotorua, New Zealand
Lineage: Sarah Chaddock my 3rd Great Grandmother who married Thomas Hulme 21 January 1771 in Manchester England.
Brief:  I am trying to find any information about Chaddocks of that line and descendants.
Email: [bouncing]

Contact: Linda Shaddock Rogers
Location: Mesquite, TX, USA
Line: Linda Shaddock Rogers / Jack William Shaddock / Royle Dale Shaddock / James Samuel Shaddock / James Shaddock / Burrel Shaddock / Samuel Shaddock
Brief: Shaddock line traced to Edgefield District, South Carolina ca. 1790.

Contact: William Schultz
Location: El Cerrito, CA, USA
Lineage: Chaddock, Sargent, Beans.  James Chaddock b.1801 MD, d.1868 Vermont Twp, Fulton Co. IL. A Quaker. m1. Lydia Mercer. m2.1845 widow Sarah Sargent/Sergeant. m3. Ellen Wilkinson. Children: James, Joseph, Rachel, Mary, Henry, George, Lydia.
(1) Was Sarah Sargent-Chaddock born Sarah Rachel Beans? Then, m1.1840 to Kugler Sargent, Harrison Co., OH; moved to Berrien Co. Michigan?
(2) Where were Sarah's m1.children Aaron & Abigail after 1860.
(3) Was Aaron b.1841 Niles, Berrien Co., Michigan? --- aka, "Amos"?
Email: [bouncing]

Contact: Ruth I.V. Sherwood (Chaddock) 
Location: Duncan, B.C. CAN
Lineage: Great grandfather James Chaddock born 1823 Lancashire England, Married Mary Ann Pease born 1830 in England. Came to Halifax, NS, Canada, in 1850 on board the ship "Resistence".  Grandfather Horatio, born in Halifax, NS in 1870, Father Horatio Phillip born Halifax 1896.    
Brief: I am trying to find my Great grandfathers family. Brothers? Sisters? My Great Grandfather came to Halifax with the army.   

Contact: Amanda Shuler  
Location: USA
Line: Amanda /.. /.. / Nellie Nancy Shuler (Chaddock)( b. 1891) / John Dennis Chaddock (b.1866) / Leverett Richmond Chaddock (b.1824) / Dennis Bruce Chaddock (b.1796).
Brief: Very impressive FamilyTreeMaker link
Email: Follow her link above for latest email

Contact: Carol C. Smith  
Location: Farmville, Virginia, USA
Line: Samuel SHADDOCK of South Carolina ca.1774
Link:  - [offline]
Email: [bouncing]

Contact: Margaret Spies
Location: Merrill, IA, USA
Brief: Ann CHADDUCK (b. 1816) married Joseph Forquer (b. 1812) in Jefferson Co, OH. Looking for more info, I would appreciate any help, thanks.

Contact: Gary Valencourt 
Location: Niles, Michigan
Line: The maiden name of my Grandmother was Harriet Chaddock, and her parents were George and Jennie Chaddock. Several other Chaddocks are buried the cemetery where Grandma and Great-Grandparents are buried, as this link shows: The cemetary is in East Jordan Michigan, in Charlavoix County.
Brief: I'd like to know how and when the Chaddock family came to East Jordan, and how they acquired the family farm out on Peninsula Road.

Contact: Barton C. Woods  
Location: CA, USA
Lineage: Barton /.. / Jessie Louise Chaddock (b.1863) / James H. Chaddock (b.1836) / John Chaddock (b.1809)
Link: Descendant of [John Chaddock b.1809]  

Contact: Gerry Yost
Location: Ravenna, NE 
Lineage: Ann Chaddock B. VA or  OH--  M. 1834 Licking CO. OH to Joseph Forquer.  Ann Chaddock & husband Joseph Forquer died Jamestown, ND & buried in Highland Home Cem. Stutsman County.  Ann died 8-24-1883 & husband Joseph died 2-25-1897. No parents names yet for either of them. They are my Gt. Gt. Grandparents.
Brief: Margaret Spies is my Aunt (reference this index).

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