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Coat of ArmsI found Ransom Chaddock's book at the NEHGS in Boston. After reading his materials, I believe we have only some of his work. He has page numbers like pp 38-42 and then he has antidotal information given after the page numbers. And then various letters.

One letter in his materials is from Mary Sawins. She says that Thomas Chaddock is her great grandfather and that she wish he could have seen Ransom when he was in town and shown him the "old Bible". She even uses the quotes and the words old Bible in her letter. In the post script of that letter she writes about the information in the old Bible.The post script of her letter gives the family information copied from the Bible by one of her nephews. Mary was also the granddaughter of Patty Huges.

He writes The Bible was the first Brookfield edition printed in 1815. On the first blank page we find the following:

The property of 
Thomas Chaddock 
October 1818 
price 3.00

    underneath the following: 

Thomas Chaddock is my name, 
and English is my nation; 
Brookfield is my native place 
And Christ is my salvation.

At the end of the apocrypha the following records:

Betsa died in September th 18-18-14 
Suel died in November 1814 
Thomas died August the 2-1832 
Willard died 27 of May 1832 
Patty died at Pittsford, N.Y. Feb. 20 1839

On the Blank leaf between the Old and New Testabment the following records were written:

Thomas and Persis Chaddock was married October the 27-17 (the last figures are torn from the record but someone has figures 78 by the side of the torn portions completing the date 1778. This is about the date one would expect as the first child was born in 1780.) in Paxton. The births of the children of the above parents.

Sally was bron in paxton the 24 of January 1780. 
Patty was born in Oakham February the twenty third 23-1782 
Willard was born in Oakham January the 31-1784. Willard died 27 day of May 1832. 
Suel was born in Brookfield, August the 14-1785. 
Alvin was born in new Braintree July the 7-1787. 
Persis was born in Waire
(or Ware?) February the 23-1790.  
Joesph was born in hardwick May the 14-1792 
Betsa was born in Hardwick May the 19-1794. 
Betsa died September 18-1814 Dinnis was born in Hardwick April or August
(difficult to read the month) the 10-1796. 
Luther was born in Hardwick January the 20-1797. 
Thomas was born in
(cannot read as it is town) August 219 1801. 
John was born in Herriford August the 26-1803 
Mary was born in Herriford March the 11-1804 
Azel was born in Herriford September the 11-1806

I tired to copy this as the nephew had. He says he used little letters and etc just as the record was written.

Since it appears that Mary Sawins had the Bible we are looking for. She probably passed it to one of her nephews. The one who did the transcribing was Willis S. Anderson and they were located in Detroit.

This letter was written Feb 4th, 1894.

I, also, just visited the DAR library in D.C. and looked at the info on file about the patriot Thomas Chaddock. Not much just gives same info as above and then Sally Chaddock's family information, which is new information. She was the daughter of Hutchins and Sally Washburn.


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