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John Chaddock b.1809

Coat of ArmsJOHN CHADDOCK was born 1809 near Chester PA near the Ohio River.  He married NANCY BLYTHE June 25, 1834 in Waynesburg Stark Co. OH.  She was born October 11, 1811 in Scotland.  He married JANETTE 1850.  She was born in Europe.  He married LYDIA MARY CROXTON January 10, 1856, daughter of WILLIAM CROXTON (she was a widow, Mrs. William Champer, before marrying John).  She was born Abt. April 07, 1800 in VA, and died February 11, 1876. 

   i. MARGARET C. CHADDOCK, b. Abt. March 24, 1835, m. MR.
      WILSON.  She lived in Seattle, WA.  In 1911, Mrs.
      Margaret C. Wilson lived in Seattle.
   ii. JAMES H. CHADDOCK, b. May 12, 1836, Smithfield
      Jefferson Co. OH. James served in the Civil War and joined the 3rd IL Reg. of Volunteer Calvary. 
       He married his step sister Lydia Anne Champer. He was a woolen manufacturer (census). 
    d. December 25, 1911, Bluffton Wells Co. IN. 
  iii. JOHN WESLEY CHADDOCK, b. August 24, 1837.
  iv. LETISHEY CHADDOCK, b. November 02, 1839.
   v. RACHEL CHADDOCK, b. December 11, 1841.
  vi. MARY CHADDOCK, b. May 08, 1843.
vii. DAVID CALVIN CHADDOCK, b. Abt. August 31, 1844.
viii. WILLIAM HENERY CHADDOCK, b. May 05, 1846, d. December
      25, Bluffton Wells Co. IN.

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