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Charles Chaddock (b. 1784)

Coat of ArmsI have followed the Chaddock website for several years now and compliment everyone on their efforts. Today, I noticed a posting I had overlooked in my previous visits and thought I'd check:

(1) to see if you might have any information in the documents you have not as yet included in your files relating to my ancestor, Charles Chaddock, and

(2) provide some information on Charles that, hopefully will be of help to other Chaddock researchers and maybe put me in contact with others who descend from this line.

Charles Chaddock was born 7 June 1784 in or near Baltimore, Md. He married Mary Harris 26 June 1806 in the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Baltimore. They moved to southwestern Pennsylvania about 1808 and then to what is now Wheeling, Ohio County, WV about 1821. They had eight children: Sarah, Elizabeth, John, Rebecca, Margaret Drusilla, George, Lorenzo and Richard.

According to the following from Baltimore County records, he was orphaned at age 16 and indentured as an apprentice shoemaker in March 1801.

Baltimore County Indentures Book 3, Page 104

"Charles Chadock an Orphan boy aged sixteen years the Seventh day of June last is bound by us the Subscribers two Justices of the Peace for Baltimore County to Wm. Duncan to learn the trade of a cordwainer to be taught to read write and arithmetic as far as the Rule of Three to be found in sufficient Meat Drink Washing Lodging and Apparel, and at the Expiraction of his time customary Freedom dues, given under our hands & seals this 18th day of March 1801. /s/ John Moale, Owen Dorsey
Received to be recorded this 25th day of March 1801 same day recorded and examined by Wm Buchanan."

(NOTE: In apprenticeship records such as this, the term "orphan" was used for children both of whose parents had died and for children whose fathers had died and mothers were living. In the latter case, the mother usually signed the indenture. The fact that neither the father nor the mother signed Charles Chadock's indenture suggests that both were dead.)

Church records show that his parents may have been Thomas and Sarah Chaddock, and I'm hoping material in your files might be able to support this assumption.

Revolutionary Patriots of Baltimore Town and Baltimore County, Maryland 1175-1783 by Henry C. Peden Jr., page 44: Chaddock, Thomas, Oath of Allegiance, 1778, before Hon. George Lindenberger.

* * * *
Records of St. Paul's Parish, Volume I, the Anglican Church Records of Baltimore City and Lower Baltimore County, Early 1700s through 1800 by Bill and Martha Reamy, page 139: Sarah, wife of Thomas Chadick bur 30 May 1800

She may have been the "Sarah Chadick, widow", listed in the Baltimore City Directory of 1796.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards and keep up the good work everyone.

Bill Chaddock
Dublin, Ohio

Submitted to this site November, 2007.

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