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Revised March 21, 2010

SPAM - If you are concerned about online security, privacy, or any other internet issues and wish to revise your information posted here - please feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to remove information that may compromise your identity. I can also maintain your email address offline and replace your address with "contact webmaster for email" in which case I will forward you the email of anyone wishing to contact you. Bear in mind that I travel or your email to me may be inadvertently deleted as SPAM as well, so please check back with me after one week if you have not heard confirmation from me. ++ Craig, 8/16/04

More Documentation - has a lot more material than what is published online.  Many researchers have been so good as to send me copies of their files.  Although more can go on in the future, please appreciate what is here and realize the effort that had been made to digitize and proofread what you see available. Many files contain handwriting and incomplete letters.  If you don't see it, please ask (and don't hesitate to share what you have too!). Perhaps in time I can post more information, but for now my charter is to maintain a consistently available depository of Chaddock information and contacts. My area of contribution is this rudimentary website, not research expertise. 

-- Craig, 8/25/02 

Coat of Arms UnofficialRob Chaddock received an interesting letter which I haven't had the heart to post in a regular page yet, but you can read it at chcrest2.htm.  It says, <sniff> our Coat of Arms is unofficial.  Well Tony Smith assures me that our centuries of use still counts for historical significance, and Rob is defiant on the topic as well.  With the three of us at least counted, we're not going to remove the Arms from this website in the near future <grin>!

cn3.gif (5343 bytes)

--Craig, 10/31/99

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