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Note: We now know that indeed there was a Hamlet called Chaddock.  Reference This page preserved to show the reliability of some official sources.

Regarding this mythical place called Chaddock somewhere 
in the county of Lancashire UK: I emailed the Ordance (sic)
Survey people, who here in the UK are the government 
agency responsible for cartography etc.

This is their reply:

Dear Mr Chaddock

Thank you for your recent e-mail enquiry.

I have looked in the current gazetteer  of Great Britain 
which has all of the names on the 1:50,000 scale of 
mapping, a 1932 and also a 1956 edition gazetteer.   
Chaddock unfortunately does not appear in these.  I 
suggest you contact the local County Record Office for 
the area or alternatively contact the following who may 
be able to help you with your enquiry:

               British Library
               Great Russell Street
               WC2B 3DG
               Tel no 0171 323 7700

If I can be of any further assistance please contact me 

Tracey Parker
Customer Information

I'll contact the County Record Office in Lancaster to 
see if they can shed any light.

Submitted by Rob Chaddock - 3/8/97

I spoke on the phone today to a nice lady who works in 
the Lancashire County Records office about the place 
called Chaddock. After searching their records they were 
able to tell me that there were no records relating to 
Chaddock, but "1 miles West of Rochdale on the Bury 
road" there was indeed a "hamlet" by the name of 
Chadwick in the district of Spotland in the town of 
Rochdale, Lancashire. She also confirmed that there was 
a Chadwick Hall with members of the family Chadwick 
living there untill the 1700's. Modern records show that 
this hall is no longer there, however I will actively 
pursue this by driving to the area to see if I can find 
any references myself. It's getting interesting now!!

The lady also mentioned that they have records of "Poll 
Tax" returns for four members of the Chadwick family 
from the 1300's in the place called Salford, which is 
also not far from here. Salford and Rochdale are now 
part of the urban sprawl that is modern Manchester.

Submitted by Rob Chaddock - 3/11/97

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