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Thomas Chaddock (b. unk)

NOTE: The following is transcribed from land records, showing definitive proof of Joseph Chaddock's father Thomas.

Coat of Arms Chadwick -This name appears under the form of Chaddick, Chaddock,
 Chadduck, Chadick, Chadock, Chawick, Chddock, Chodock, Shadwick, Shattuck,

On Sept. 20, 1733 Thomas Chaddock of Mendon, husbandman and Margaret his wife sold land to Thos. Wiswall of Medway, blacksmith. The land was in Mendon and was "inheritance". The sale was  recorded in the Worcester County Deeds 31 - 154.

pg 159, Vol 2, Hopkington, Middlesex Co MA deeds:
This Indenture made the 25 May 1742 between (Many names - trustees) ... on the one part and Thomas Chaddock of Hopkington ... containing 37 acres ... granted him the priviledge (sic) to cut ceder (sic) and pine in the swamp for their houses and barns and free commonage in all their land in Hopkington over and above 12,500 acres designated ... a rent charge of one penny sterling, money of Great Britain ... by the acre on the 25th of March, annually in lieu of the rent reserved in the lease aforesaid till the 25th March 1823 and three pense (sic)... on the 25th of March annually from that time forever and for ever; and paying all taxes...

Wit: Joseph Willard
Tho Clark Jacob Wendell
William Baker Edwin Brainfield ?

June 11 1754
Rec and entered in the Registry
Daniel Henchman ? JP
of deeds for Hopkington lands
by John Jones Reg

Bk 22, Page 267 Grantee/Grantor Book 1731-1839, of Deeds for  Mendon, MA

On Nov 4, 1746 a David Wheton, husbandman,  of Mendon, Worcester, sold a parcell (sic) of land in Mendon containing about 26 acres to Thomas Chaddock, of Hollister in Middlesex Co. husbandman. It began at a white oak tree, the Northerly corner... Samuel Town? land... Southerly upon Thomas  Herman? ... to stake and heap of stones being the southerly corner thense (sic) bounded westerly on Low Herman? land to heap of stones being the westerly corner thence bounded Northerly upon the Low sawmill...

The wife Susanah Whedon, willingly gave up her rights of dower. Appeared before witness Daniel Taft? Nov 4, 1746, and was  recorded by John Chamberlain?.

On Feb. 9, 1747/8, Thomas, husbandman of Mendon, sold land in Mendon to Samuel Torrey of Mendon for L480 old tenor. Recorded in 34 - 471.

page 159 1/2 Hopkington, Middlesex Co MA  Deeds Vol 2 :
...I the within named Thomas Chaddock for and in consideration of the sum of 50 pounds ... to me paid by Joseph Chaddock of the town of Hopkington ... tanner, granted, assigned over unto Joseph Chaddock ... the present indenture...21st day Feb 1756
Edward Baker JP

I Joseph Chaddock of Hopkington in consideration of 80 pounds paid by Isaa W ? ...23 day  Feb of 1759 Joseph Chaddock

John Jones
Mary Jones .... Sarah Chaddock, wife of  Joseph Caddock                                                                                  ... do hereby  give my right of Dower  ...
                                                                  Sarah Chaddock
                                                                    8 March 1759
                                                                                   ......John Jones JP

Page 87 Vol 2, Hopkington, Middlesex Co MA deeds ******* (Thomas father of Joseph)
... I Joseph Chaddock of Hopkington In the county of Middlesex ...tanner... for and in consideration of the sum of 20 pennys (sic) of the rents ...to me ...paid by my Honored Father Thomas Chaddock of Hopkington ... husbandman ...discharge him ...forever: given, granted, sold, confirmed unto Thomas Chaddock... two certain tracts of land ... in Hopkington... containing about 25 acres... lying on the SE side of the way beginning at a stake... running E to a heap of stones ... NW ... freeland ... ... with a dwelling house and improvements... one half of the barn ... in the first tract and all other improvements there are ... rent of one penny ...per acre ...25 the March 1823 and three pence like money per acre yearly from that time and forever.
...and I the said Joseph Chaddock ...  I am the sole owner furthermore , I the said Joseph Chaddock  ... do covenant and engage the above premises to ... Thomas Chaddock he paying the rents aforesaid... I have ... left my hand and seal this third day of Sept 1756
In presence of:                            Joseph Chaddock
John Jones Middlesex, Sept 3 1756
Hannah Jones

Thomas died after 5 Feb 1774 when he sold land to his son-in-law Asa Caryl in 1774 when he was of Hopkington as shown by the following deed:

Page 30 Middlesex Co MA - Hopkington & Upton Vol 12 - LDS film - original records #901511
... I Thomas Chaddock of Hopkington in the county of Middlesex, of Massachusetts, ... yeoman, for the sum of 100 pounds paid by Asa Caryl ... of county aforesaid, yeoman ...two certain parcels ... being in Hopkington containing about 25 acres...with the buildings ... lying on the South of ? Towaway beginning at a stake... continue to Freeland ? line ... The second tract lying ... beginning at a heap of stones ... being the NE corner ... on Caryl land ... with all the improvements ... Paying to the said Thomas Chaddock or his heirs the yearly rent of one penny ... per acre .. unti (sic) 25 Mar 1820 and three pence  per acre from that time and forever
... I the said Thomas Chaddock for myself ...set my hand and seal this 5 Day of Feb 1774...
Signed Sealed in the presence of      Mark of
Seth Gasehet,  Annah Gasehet Thomas Chaddock

Liz Burdick

Submitted to this site June, 2000.

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