Robert Henry Chaddock b.1827

Robert Henry CHADDOCK b. July 24, 1827, in Eaton, d. Feb. 6,1902 in Cookshire, P.Q.
+Mary Ann HALL Mary Ann Hall, b. Oct. 28, 1828 daughter of Luther E. Hall., m. May 12, 1851, d. Aug. 15, 1908.

Robert Henry CHADDOCK b: Feb.29, 1852. d: May 14, 1921 at age 69 yrs.
+ Ellen M. W(N?)ard b: Jun.11, 1861. m: Feb.23,1886

Luke W. Chaddock b: Nov.20, 1888
+ Irene
Wilber A. Chaddock b: Apr.27, 1891
Horace A. Chaddock b: Mar.22, 1895

James Craig CHADDOCK b: Apr.23, 1854. d: Mar.30, 1935 at age 80 yrs.
+ Licina(sp?) Hunt

David Luke CHADDOCK b: Mar.19, 1856. d: Nov.3, 1862 at age 6 yrs.

Abbie (Ann) Louisa CHADDOCK b: Mar.21, 1858

Elva Maria(h?) CHADDOCK b: Apr.19,1860. d: Aug.23, 1930 at age 70 yrs.
+ Albert J. Rolfe

Charles Edward CHADDOCK b: Aug.27, 1862

Herbert Austin CHADDOCK b: Jan.9, 1865
+ Alma Hodge m: Jun.20, 1900

Persis Elisa CHADDOCK b: Apr.23, 1868
+ Hallett

Russell C. Hallett b: Jun.6, 1897 d: May 13, unk. in Brockten, MA

Emma Alberta CHADDOCK b: Jul.2, 1872
+ Henry French m: Jan.9, 1900

Abbie French b: Jul.29, 1903
Gerald French b: May 13, 1910

From information compiled by
Herbert B. Chaddock (circa 1970)

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