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Joseph, Thomas, & Patty Chaddock

Coat of ArmsJoseph, maybe the son of Thomas and Margaret Chaddock of Mendon, Worcester County, MA, was born 10 July 1732. The vital records of Mendon, Wor, Co., MA show three children for Thomas and Margaret Chaddock. Joseph, born 10 July 1732; Thomas, born 12 Mar 1736/7; and Zerviah, born 2 Nov. 1729. In the Hopkinton vital records Zerviah Chaddock is shown as Baptized 28 Dec. 1729 and married 2 July 1754 to Berachias Morse. This place - Hopkinton - is where Joseph married Sarah Bruce (d/o John Bruce Jr. and Mary Potter) in 1756. Thomas is also listed as marrying here to Margaret Bawl (Ball in Int) on Aug 11 1757. A Lidea (Lydia in Int) Chaddock also married here in Hopkinton on 20 Oct 1757 to Asa Carril.

In History of the Town of Milford, Worcester County, MA from its First Settlement to 1881, by Adin Ballou, Boston 1882, in the biographico-genealogical register section of the book, pg 613 is found "CHADWICK (alias CHADDOCK), Thomas, pedigree untraced, was here before the incorporation of the Precinct, and one of the petitioners for it. 'Wf Margaret recd. to full com. in Mr Frost's church, Feb 9, 1743-44; and child Elizabeth bap. 29 April 1744' ". Futher light from Mendon records shows Mr C. to have had "a former wife Mary and Chn." "Thomas lived in North Purchase". No. Purchase is directly North of Hopkinton thus it seems quite possible this is Josephs family.

Mr L. Hamilton Hurd in History of Worcester County, MA, Philadelphia, 1889 shows the enlisted men for Brookfield and includes Joseph Chadwick amoung those who "enlisted in 1775 for eight months and joined various companies and regiments". He is also named as part of the Committee of correspondence in 1776. The committee was formed to keep the public informed of English infringements, to protest such actions, and to organize their resistence.

In The Settlement and Story of Oakham, MA, by Henry B. Wright and E. D. Harvey, Pub. New Haven, CT, 1947, Joseph is of Oakham, from Brookfield in 1777. On May 8 of that year, Joseph purchesed lot T, with the buildings, at the Reed Corner, on the place where the Mullett house stood in 1914. This according to Soldiers of Oakham Massachusetts in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War, by Henry Parks Wright, New Haven, CT, The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Press, 1914. This house was destroyed by fire on Dec 11, 1798 and the house Joseph erected in its place burned April 11, 1874.

Henry Parks Wright in his Soldiers of Oakham Massachusetts in the Revolutionary War ... 1914, gives many details about the Soldiers of Oakham. During the revolution in response to an alarm at Providence, RI, Capt Crawford marched on July 23, 1777, with 45 men, including officers. Joseph and Thomas were among the men on the muster roll. On arriving at Worcester, the company received orders to return to Oakham. Capt Crawford in responding to an alarm at Bennington, Aug 20, 1777 had with him 31 men including Thomas Chaddock and Asa Briggs. On arriving at Hadley, news was received of the retreat of the British from Bennington and the company was ordered to return home. Josephs son Bowman Chaddock served in the Continental Army for 9 months, from July 10, 1779 to April 7, 1780. He was in Capt Wadsworth's company of Col Gamaliel Bradford's regiment. He applied for and his wife Mercy received a pension based on this service. Thomas and Joseph did not apply for pensions.

On Dec 2, 1780, a resolve was passed to raise 4240 men for the continental army for three years or the duration of the war. Joseph Chaddock hired Jonas Rich to go. It was considered as creditable for a citizen past middle age to send a good man in his place rather than go himself.

In 1805 Joseph, gentleman, and Crocker Nye, yeoman, both of Oakham, Worcester Co., together sold land to James Dean of Oakham. Joseph received 2/3rds of the sum, and Crocker received 1/3rd the sum of $900.00 paid for about 60 acres in Oakham which contained buildings. The deed and dower are signed by Elizabeth Chaddock in addition to Joseph and Crocker and his wife (?) Duloara. This information is listed in Vol 158 of Worcester Co. land records on pg 121+.

Joseph and one female are listed in the Hanover, Plymouth County census in 1810. Joseph died at his son Calvin's home in Hanover in 1812. Elizabeths death (second wife of Joseph), is recorded in the Oakham Vital Records, 4 Jan 1819.

The birth of Thomas on 12 Nov 1760 , as son of Joseph, is listed in the Brookfield, MA VR, and he, Thomas listed his families' records on a sheet of ledger like paper numbered 398, owned by Liz (Tillman) Burdick in 1997. This paper was handed down to his Granddaughter Avelyn Hughes, Liz Burdicks Great Grandmother, and was found in the trunk which contained all the clues and records collected by many family members that started this whole "mess" of research. The page is headed "Chaddock Family Record" and below this "The Property of Thomas Chaddock October 1818. price 3.00". Following this is: "Thomas Chaddock is my name, And English is my nation; Brookfield is my native place And Christ is my salvation." "Thomas and Perses Chaddock married at Paxton, Worcester Co., Mass., on the 28th day of October 1778". He then listed his children by name, where they were born and their dates of birth. The death dates are listed in a different penmanship. (Possibly Avelyn's). Thomas and Perses' marriage record listed on this record differs from the Oakham Vital Records where the intension is dated 25 Oct 1779. No acctual record of marriage was found.

Material gleaned from the Revolutionary Pension record of Thomas' brother Bowmans' file, # 11705 VT, issued 8 June 1833, and his widow Mercys' file, # 23801 shows that brother Thomas was also a soldier in the Rev. as was their father Capt. Joseph Chaddock.

Thomas served as Chorister in the Sunday services of the Congregational Church in Oakham, MA. He was chosen sealer of leather in 1783-4. Thomas and Persis (Smith d/o Abraham as proved in 1792 in the administration of the estate of her father, in Paxton, MA, where Persis is named as an heir and wife of Thomas Chaddock. ) had 14 children between 1780 and 1806 in seven different locations. Their 2nd daughter Patty, born in Oakham, married Samuel Hugh, son of John, in 1800, in Oakham, Worcester Co., MA.

Thomas Chaddock is listed in the 1790 Fed Census index of Ware town, Hampshire Co. MA with 1 free wh male 16 +, 3 free wh males under 16, and 4 free wh females. This fits his family configuration as listed on the family sheet "398". His family record "398" has daughter Perses born in "Waire (Hampshire Mass)" on Feb. 23, 1790. The other females were Sally, b. Jan 24 1780, Patty, b. Feb. 23, 1782 and Persis his wife. The males under 16 were Willard, b. 31 Jan. 1784, Sewell, b. 14 Aug. 1785 and Alvin, b. 7 July 1787. The male over 16 was Thomas.

No records of Thomas could be located in Hereford, Compton, Quebec where his last three children were born. Several of Thomas and Percis’ children lived in Western NY in Wyoming and Genesee Counties and are listed in the federal census. Thomas and Persis are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery of Stafford in Genesee County, New York. Their daughter Percis and her first husband Ira Gilbert are listed on the same tombstone. Four of their children, Ira Jr., Betsy Taylor, Mary and Percis are buried in the same plot. Percis married a second time to a Mr. Hickox by which name she was buried.

Thomas’ inscription reads "Thom. Chaddock died Dec. 3, 1835, aged 76 y’s " and just below it reads "Percis his wife, died May 1, 1840 Aged 76 y’s". In 1976 the Genesee County Planning Board compiled a list of the Counties Revolutionary soldier burials which included Thomas with his burial reported at the Temperance Hill cemetery.

Another daughter, Patty, was the first wife of Samuel Hugh who may have been the Samuel Hugh listed in the Grants of the township of Eaton, Compton County, Lower Canada in Dec 1800. They lived in MA, VT and Monroe County NYand raised eight children. She died in 1839 in Pittsford, Monroe Co. and is buried in the East Street Cemetery.



Thomas Chaddock, b.1760

Thomas CHADDOCK b: 12 Nov 1760 in Brookfield, Worcester Co. MA, d: 3 Dec 1835 and is buried in the Cemetery at Stafford, Genesee Co., NY, 76 yrs of age
+Percis SMITH b: 31 Oct 1764 in Paxton, Worcester Co. MA, m: 28 Oct 1778 in Paxton, Worcester Co, MA, d: 1 May 1840 and is buried in the Cemetery at Stafford, Genesee Co., NY, 76 yrs of age

Sally CHADDOCK b: 24 Jan 1780 in Paxton, Worchester Co, MA d: 13 Apr 1864 at 83 yrs. Burial: Eaton Cemetery, 2 F-18, Compton Co. Canada
+Elijha POPE b: 3 Sep 1783 in CAN? m: Abt. 1799 in Quebec, CAN d: 22 Feb 1843 in Clifton, at 59 yrs. Burial:  Eaton 2 F-18

Patty CHADDOCK b: 23 Feb 1782 in Oakham, Worcester, MA, d: 20 Feb 1839 in Pittsford, Monroe Co, NY
+Samuel HUGH b: 28 Nov 1775 in ?Derryfield, ?Hillsboro, ?NH m: 6 Feb 1800 in Oakham, Worcester, MA, d: 7 Jun 1854 in Pittsford, Monroe, NY

Willard CHADDOCK b: 31 Jan 1784 in Oakham, Worcester Co, MA, d: 27 May 1832 in ?NY

Sewell CHADDOCK b: 14 Aug 1785 in Brookfield, Worcester Co, MA, d: Nov 1814

Alvin CHADDOCK b: 7 Jul 1787 in New Braintree, Worcester Co, MA, d: 22 Jan 1871 in ?NY

Percis CHADDOCK b: 23 Feb 1790 in Waire, Hampshire Co, MA, d: 2 Aug 1858

Joseph CHADDOCK b: 14 May 1792 in Hardwick, Worcester Co, MA, d: 29 Oct 1842 in ?NY

Betsy CHADDOCK b: 17 May 1794 in Hardwick, Worcester Co, MA, d: 18 Sep 1814

Dennis Bruce CHADDOCK b: 18 Apr 1796 in Hardwick, Worcester Co, MA, d: 29 Oct 1868 in ?Alexander, Genesse Co, NY
+Lydia THOMPSON b: Abt 1800 m: Abt 1825 d: 1836 in ?Genesse Co, NY
*2nd Wife of Dennis Bruce CHADDOCK:
+Polly SHEPARD b: Abt 1809 in NY, m: 1836 in NY

Luther CHADDOCK b: 20 Jan 1797 in Hardwick, Worcester Co, MA, d: 6 Apr 1874
+Sally WASHBURN b: Abt 1802 in CT, m: 9 Apr 1820 in Attica, Genessee Co, NY

Thomas CHADDOCK b: 19 Apr 1801 in Hardwick, Worcester Co, MA, d: 2 Aug 1832 in ? NY

Mary CHADDOCK b: 11 Mar 1804 in Hereford, CAN

John CHADDOCK b: Aft 1806 in Hereford, CAN

Azel CHADDOCK b: 11 Sep 1806 in Hereford, CAN, d: 22 May 1856 in Wyoming Co. NY
+Nancy ----

Liz Burdick

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