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Luke Chaddock, b.1799

Coat of ArmsBowman and son Luke  were listed In the 1831 Sherbrooke County Census, Township of Eaton, located slightly NE of Hereford, P.Q. [Sherbrooke County, Lower  Canada].  Luke Chaddock, on pg 2446, had seven people in his family and Bowman, his father, on the same page had five  people in his household.  In the 1851 Sherebrooke County,  Census for Eaton, pg 19, line 44,  was listed Luke Chaddock and his family.  Luke is listed as 53 yrs., b. US and of the Church of England, farmer. His wife is Louisa b in Canada, aged 47 yrs. All their children were b in CND:  Norman is 21 yrs., a laborer; Dexter is 19 yrs; Louisa M. is 16 yrs; Persis is 14 yrs; Mary is 10 yrs. The agriculture census the same year shows Luke in Range 6, Lot 9 with 125 acres. He was  a Chairman of the School board at one time according to the "History of Compton County" compiled by L. S. Channell, 1896.

The Records of the Church of England in the twp of Eaton under Rev. Jonathan Taylor  showed the following deaths. Bowman died in Aug 1833. The internment record reads "Bowman Chaddock, farmer of the township of Eaton, aged 71 yrs. the 11th of March last in the presence of subscribing witness Charles L. Farnsworth - by me J. Taylor".  A daughter of Luke died in 1846. The record reads "Louisa Chaddock - Louisa in the 2nd of Aug in the yr. of our Lord, 1846- Louis, daughter of Luke Chaddock and Louisa his wife of the town of Eaton aged 6 yrs the 13th day of April last was interned by me - J. Taylor."  Another daughter of Luke, Achsah was interned on 1 March 1851. She was aged 4 yrs. 2 months and was interned by J. Taylor also.

More information from L. S. Channell, in 1896, pg 106 showed Robert Henry Chaddock Sr., a farmer living at Riverdale, Eaton, as s/o Luke. He was born in Eaton, Jul 24, 1827 and had always lived in the county. He had been a corporal and lieutenant in the Cookshire Troop of Cavalry.  Mr. Chaddock was married at Eaton Corner May 12, 1851 to Mary Ann, daughter of the late Luther E. Hall of Eaton. Issue eight children: Robert Henry born Feb 29, 1952, married Nellie Ward, residence Eaton (three children); James Craig born Apr 23, 1854 married Licena Hunt, residence Milton, Massachusetts; Charles Edward born Aug 27 1862; Herbert Austin born Jan 9, 1865; Abbie A., born Mar 21, 1858; Elva M., born Apr 19, 1860; Pertie E., born Apr 23, 1868, married Charles E. Hallett, residence Milton, Mass.; Emma A., born July 2, 1872. 

Channell also gives information about Robert's son Robert Henry Jr. He was a farmer, living two miles east of Cookshire on the Bury Road. He was born at Jordan Hill, Eaton, Feb 29, 1852. He always lived there and followed farming. Mr. Chaddock is V.C.R.Court Cariboo, No 477, C.O.F.  At Cookshire Feb 23, 1886 he married Ellen M Ward b. Jun 11, 1861, dau of Ephraim Ward, Esq. Issue, three children: Luke W. born Nov 20, 1888; Wilber A., born Apr 27, 1891; Horace A., born Mar 22, 1895.

Another family member mentioned by Channell on pg 103 was Edgar Norman Chaddock son of Norman, grandson of Luke.  Edgar was born 26 October 1858 on the homestead and lived and farmed there during his life time. The place was 1/2 mile from Cookshire on the Sawyerville road. He married Jennie Clements, daughter of the late John Clements, on March 10, 1880 in Cookshire. They had three children: Guy, b. 20 Aug. 1884; Gladys J. C. E. E. C., b. 25 April 1890, and a baby boy b. 15 Jan. 1895. 

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