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Gary Valencourt would like to learn how and when the Chaddock family came to East Jordan Michigan, in Charlavoix County, and how they acquired the family farm out on Peninsula Road.

William Chaddock has updated his information on Charles Chaddock (b. 1784) and would like hear from anyone with information on this line or from other descendents of Charles.

David Hamilton Jones will soon be updating information about his line which includes Capt. Robert Chaddock who arrived in Liverpool and established a small shipping company with a small fleet of sailing ships. Seafaring had been in the family for several generations before Robert and a family legend is that the Chaddocks from Portland had been descendants of Pirates/Privateers.

Sheila Dawn Chaddock-Archibald
, a descendent of Willard Chaddock, would like to know who Willard Chaddock's parents were and possibly even further back. I would like to know when this line of Chaddock's came to the US. Dexter's Pension - $8/Month

Melinda Chaddock is descended from Joseph Chaddock and his Great-Grandson Dexter Chaddock (casualty of the Civil War, see Pension at right). Melinda has just learned that her Great-grandfather, Lyman Chaddock, was apparently married to a lady named Helen Ballard Chaddock before he married her Great-grandmother Clara, and that 2 boys were born from this first union.  Their names were Fred and Welcome Douglas. 

Welcome Sue Pemberton, a cousin of Rob Chaddock.  Her website very nicely illustrates their line tracing back to the 17th century!

Welcome Loren P Meissner with information about the Ira G. Chaddock line (descendants of Joseph Chaddock).

Take a look at transcribed records that show proof that a Thomas Chaddock indeed was the father of Joseph Chaddock. This is something many people had been striving to prove for many years!

Details about the line of Chaddocks tracing back to Joseph Chaddock, born in 1732, Worcester County, MA. can be found in Liz Burdick's: Joseph, Thomas, & Patty ChaddockEthel Hegeman has submitted some additional documentation for Thomas and Persis and also Luther Chaddock.

Can anyone link into this recently submitted line, based on John Chaddock b.1809?

Gerry Yost recently made some updates to Ann Chaddock & husband Joseph Forquer.

$37,000,000.00 - The mysterious Chaddock family fortune mentioned in numerous correspondences from Harry Pierce would be worth billions in today's dollars!?!

Cedric Lansdell (a.k.a. Dell) Purdie from Rotorua, New Zealand is searching for information about his 3rd Great Grandmother Sarah Chaddock who married Thomas Hulme 21 January 1771 in Manchester England.

11 Generations of Chaddock dating back to the beginning of the 17th Century!  Check out Rob Chaddock's (Chesire, UK) new entry prepared by Guyanne Chaddock (Manitoba, Canada).

Tony Smith is the webmaster of a site covering the history of the area surrounding Boothstown, England.  He was also instrumental in obtaining access for us to photograph Chaddock Hall.  Although Chaddock is just a fraction of what is covered at his website, it is the eminent source of information on Chaddock Hall and a hamlet once called "Chaddock."  Read about Chaddock Hall, Chaddock Lane, Chaddock Level (underground canal), Chaddock Colliary (Coal Mining Operation).  Hey, we do come from "inferior gentry" you know.   

Here's a fun diversion:  I found a movie from the late 60's that has a character named "Chaddock" - it's a Western called Buckskin.

Herbert, Lisa, Mary, Liz, Rob, Carol, & Tony.

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