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Buckskin - It's his way or no way

From the VHS Jacket:

Rep Marlowe doesn't just own the buildings in Glory Hole. He controls the lives of people for mile around. But there's hope for folks eager to escape from under Marlowe's boot heel: a new marshal who insists "this place is changing" ...and is willing to risk his life to make those changes happen.

Buckskin rides tall in the Western tradition of a lone man making a difference. Here, that man is Montana Territorial Marshal Chaddock, played by Barry Sullivan. Wendall Corey portrays Marlowe, the town boss who wants to buy Chaddock or bury him. And the capable supporting cast includes Joan Caulfield, Lon Chaney, John Russell and more.

Paramount Pictures, 1968. Rated G, 98 minutes, in color. Directed by Michael Moore


A thrilling sagebrush saga about a nasty mine owner who sabotages a town by stopping their water supply. 

-- www.moviesunlimited.com


Slowmoving western about a marshall protecting townspeople from a greedy, land-grabbing cattle baron.

-- www.moviegoods.com


Though there might be a few subtle political overtones in the movie, considering it was produced during the Vietnam conflict, this movie is really nothing more than pure formula western. The scenes are unoriginal and the script probably wrote itself between scene changes. If this film took more than two weeks to shoot they wasted a lot of time. 

Interesting to note is that the film includes John Russell who later played the villainous Stockburn in Clint Eastwood's "Pale Rider" (1985). Only the most hardcore fans should bother with this film. I bought it because of my interest in the lead character's name "Chaddock".

-- www.chaddock.net

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