Coat of ArmsThis correspondence references a large fortune from Sir Thomas Chadwick, totaling 37 million dollars.  This is likely the same fortune noted in numerous letters people have read from Harry Pierce. Considering the year and amount, I would deem it a hoax or scam.  ++ Craig Chaddock

To: Philander Chaddock, Linden, Genesee Co. New York. From: Charles Demond

Boston, Sept. 20 1878

Philander Chaddock Esq.

Dear sir.

Rev E. G. Chaddock refers me to you as knowing the most about the Chaddock family - my wife is the granddaughter of Rev. Calvin Chaddock - Please read the enclosed cop of an article in the N.Y. Herald,- I have been told that a son of Thomas Chaddock, the brother of Calvin, lived in Phil - or is it so? Have you any facts which would connect the Chadwick mentioned in the article, with your family? Please give me all the information you may have about your ancestor who came to this country from England? Do you know the name of his father, and do you his name? Please answer at your early convenience. Yours truly C.Demond

(enclosed in foregoing)

A telegram to the N.Y. Herald from Philadelphia Sept. 4 says "The heir to an estate of $37,500,000.00 died in this city on Sunday last & was buried today. In the year 1768 Sir Andrew Chadwick, an English baronet, died in London leaving a very rich estate entailed upon his son. After this son died the property fell into the hands of the heirs at law who enjoyed it until it finally become a subject of litigation and was thrown into the chancery courts, where possession was contested for many years - the true heirs became scattered & lost in 1874. The English courts advertised for Thomas Chadwick, the direct descendant of Sir Thomas Chadwick, the 7th generation removed. The man in question was living in a suburb of Philadelphia. He was then 67 years old & had been in business a miller, but had retired on account of his age & feeble health. Proceedings were taken to recover his share on the estate & an N.Y. lawyer was sent over in the interest of Mr. Chadwick, Samuel Booth of Providence and other two sons of Samuel Chadwick. Thomas Chadwicks bro. these were the only heirs and all were living in this country. On Sunday last Thomas Chadwick died suddenly of heart disease & his two sons Cornelius & Ferdinand now succeed to his interest in the English estate. The property is valued at the enormous sum of $37,500,000.00 not including interest on some items now held in trust by the Bank in London, the most valuable being 1,000 houses in the British metropolis. Both the N.Y. lawyer who is looking after the legal interests of the heirs and the firm of English solicitors unite in pronouncing the claims of the American claimants as indisputable."


From files sent in by Ethel Hegeman
Submitted to this site August 2002.

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