uk40001f.jpg (91880 bytes) The "Chaddock Hall" sign you see at the top of this page is posted at the left side of this front gate.
uk39014f.jpg (54300 bytes) A high brick wall and hedge hides Chaddock Hall from the traffic of Chaddock Lane.  The gate is to the right.
uk40003f.jpg (62298 bytes) The brick barn, to the right of the gate.  Note the light sandstone color block halfway up the center of the barn.  This is the weathered coat of arms. (detail photographs follow)
uk35003f.jpg (114143 bytes) uk40005f.jpg (98210 bytes)A very worn framed sandstone carving of the Chaddock Coat of Arms on the side of a brick barn to the right of the house, as you approach the front.
Photos digitally enhanced to exaggerate the relief. Note the difficulty in discerning the last remaining birds.

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